We could paste here the part of some article or couple of paragraphs from interesting book (that you have read for sure and may be even liked) or text in unfamiliar language ever. But we did not. We spent time on writing our own text, the text that you are reading now just like users will read your content in nearest future.“If you want peace and democracy I will support you. If you want formal apartheid we will not support you. If you want to support racial discrimination and ethnic cleansing we will oppose you”. The honorable Nelson Mandela’s memo to Thomas Friedman about Israel and Palestine, South Africa has witnessed a series of protest across the country with hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets venting their anger at the genocidal, Israeli terror attacks on the mainly civilian population of the Gaza strip. The result of these inhuman attacks and bombardment of the citizens of Gaza has resulted in the death of close to 2000 Palestinians and approximately 10000 injured many of them permanently disabled. Not since World War 2 has there been such catastrophic destruction of urban centre’s, infect the Nazi (Blitzkrieg) pales into insignificance when compared to the savagery of the Zionist onslaught. Not even apartheid South Africa has witnessed this level of carnage and terror.

The world has been shocked by the disproportionate use of force by the I.D.F. The indiscriminate bombing of Homes, Mosques, Hospitals, Schools, U.N Centre’s of safety and basic infrastructure such as electricity, water and sanitation plants has resulted in a population that is displaced and highly traumatized Close on to 2 and a half thousand people descended on the Zionist embassy in Pretoria to protest against the barbaric onslaught on the people of Gaza and continuing occupation and oppression of Palestine. 

The main guest speaker was the leader of the E.F.F comrade Julias Malema who demanded that the South African government expel the Zionist ambassador and recall the South African ambassador from occupied Palestine (Israel). He also along with the thousands of other people lamented the failure of president Zuma and the South African government to adequately support the Palestinian struggle. Malema highlighted the fact and quoted Nelson Mandela saying (“That South Africa will never be free until Palestine is free”). Many A.N.C supporters and others in the crowd questioned the support or rather the lack of support from the South African government for the people of occupied Palestine. The A.N.C along with the other freedom fighters has a rich legacy of opposing racism, oppression and the reluctance of our government to take any meaningful action against the Zionist state razes a number of questions. At least 7 South American countries have taken the courageous step to sever diplomatic relations with the Zionist state where as our government which should have taken the lead is inexplicably paralyzed and petrified. What strangle hold does the Zionist state and its terrible twin the U.S.A have over the S.A government. What is the extent of the involvement of the trade links and security (Mossad, CIA) arrangement between South Africa and the Zionist state? Why the reluctance of the South African government in not vigorously supporting the BDS campaign when we know that the boycott, divestments and sanctions campaign against apartheid South Africa was effective and successful. The struggle continues with or without the support of the South African government. The current state of affairs regarding the South African government’s position is a huge disappointment and insult to the rich memory of freedom stalwarts like Albert Luthuli, Oliver Tambo, Dr Dadoo and our beloved Madiba. So many activists and freedom fighters paid the ultimate prize in our freedom struggle and so many Palestinian martyrs, man women and children have given their lives for their freedom struggle. Will our current ANC led government go down in history as having failed the Palestinian freedom struggle against the last remaining apartheid state of Israel? o in varius. Vestibulum sit amet felis ornare, commodo orci ut, feugiat lorem.



We could paste here the part of some article or couple of paragraphs from interesting book (that you have read for sure and may be even liked) or text in unfamiliar language ever. But we did not. We spent time on writing our own text, the text that you are reading now just like users will read your content in nearest future.The gentle giant who straddled the earth like a colossus is no more. However, his spirit will linger and serve to encourage and inspire the oppressed masses of the world. Indeed his legacy will have to be emulated if we are to succeed in our endeavors. A man of true compassion and integrity; we will truly miss his immense presence.

All mortal men have to return to the one and only Creator; however, their example will always remain. We are blessed with such a person who comes once in a lifetime, and we are thankful to God Almighty for honouring us with this gift. Though South Africa and the world will never be the same without his physical presence, surely we that remain behind and take the cudgels of responsibility, will ensure that we live up to his vision. We cannot afford to fail in this endeavor. His immense stature and his legacy have set a very high standard for all leadership. It is unfair to compare this gentle soul to the mediocrity that is prevalent throughout the world’s leadership. 

Our deepest condolences go out to the Mandela family, his beloved party the African National Congress and all the people of our great country, South Africa. He truly represented and fought for the rights of the oppressed of the world. His statement on Palestine, which reads “South Africa will never be free until Palestine is free,” set him apart as a man of courage and conviction. 

We quote the words of Hazrat Ali (May Allah be pleased with him), the forth Caliph of Islam: “Live amongst people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive, they crave for your company” - surely this describes him aptly. 

AK KURTHA On behalf of Masjid Abubakr Siddique, the Imams’, officials and congregation.